Photo: Ami Robertson

Hi, I’m Rebecca Millar, a freelance editor with over half a decade’s worth of experience in the commercial publishing industry.

Before breaking out on my own, I was an editor at Penguin Random House, where I was privileged to work closely across a wide array of books – including a few Sunday Times bestsellers –  by both household names as well as emerging debut writers. I have experience in all sorts of genres, from the more niche Star Wars and Stranger Things publishing lists, to mass-market celebrity and personal memoirs such as Tina Turner’s My Love Story and Paul Osborne’s Sherlock: The Fire Brigade Dog. However, my personal love is all things crime and thriller, working on such titles as The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan, Come Back For Me by Heidi Perks and The Kingfisher Secret by Anonymous.

I have trained with the Publishing Training Centre for both Copy Editing and Proofreading, as well as being trained on the job by some of the best publishers and editors in the business.

Before Penguin, I ran the editorial department of a self-publishing company, working with a range of authors on their projects, to make their writing the best it could possibly be, and guiding them through the process of becoming an author.

Recent clients include Penguin Random House UK, HarperCollins UK, HarperCollins AUS. I also work with independent authors, with clients worldwide, including from the United States, Australia, and the UK.

I am now based in the beautiful city of Bath where I enjoy reading manuscripts and drinking far too much tea, whilst living less than half a mile from six different bookshops. If you can appreciate how dangerous that is, we’ll get on swimmingly!