Rebecca Millar Editorial is a bespoke editing service for writers at all stages of the editorial process. 

With nearly five years’ experience in the commercial publishing industry, working with household names as well as debut authors, I have expertise in all levels of editing including structural editing, copy-editing and proofreading, across both fiction and non-fiction. Specialising in crime and thriller, I’m always excited to hear about new projects, so whether you just have a spark of an idea or have already written your first manuscript, get in touch about how I can help you on the next stage of your writing journey.

The world is full of stories, and the best part of being an editor is helping people to find their voices on the page and create captivating writing, whether that be an inspiring memoir or race-against-time thriller.

Together, let’s make your manuscript the best it can be.

Simon McCleave The Snowdonia Killings

I’ve got an amazing editor who pretty much taught me to write novels […] I’m eternally grateful to Rebecca, because all the bad habits of being a screenwriter came out in that first book, about POV and head-hopping and all that kind of stuff. She basically drilled that out of me gently, and held my hand through the first book. I’ve used her ever since. She’s very, very good at looking at the first or second draft and spotting when a character’s not acting in the way that she would expect or plot holes or … She’s got a fantastic idea if you move that scene back, that will make that act much, much pacier.”

Simon McCleave interviewed on The Self-Publishing Podcast, Episode #245.

Examples of Recent Work

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Rebecca did an amazing edit on my first novel. She offered insightful, detailed and valuable feedback that took my story to the next level. The edit helped me develop my characters, plot, and structure. Rebecca open my eyes to issues I did not pick up on myself. Her knowledge and expertise in crime, suspense, mystery, and thriller genre helped pinpoint what was missing and needed to fit my genre specifically. I highly recommend Rebecca and I’m excited to use her service in the future.

Laurie Viglione, psychological thriller author

Rebecca Millar Editorial was incredibly helpful in developing my latest novel, pointing out gaping holes in my plot logic which would have never occurred to me. More importantly, she made me a better writer, gently improving my style with her edits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca – she’s fab.

Tim Adler, psychological thriller author of OVER MY DEAD BODY