Rebecca was great to work with. She provided great insight into my manuscript and delivered ahead of schedule.

Brandon Clark, techno-thriller author

[…] I am so happy that I got the chance to work with [Rebecca]. She is incredibly thorough in her work and when she sends you the final product, it will be something you are happy with. I would recommend Rebecca to anyone and everyone!

Jake Little, military thriller author

Rebecca was a pleasure to work with. She brought a level of enthusiasm and professionalism to the project that was greatly appreciated. She is an excellent communicator and has a keen eye for detail to ensure your project can be the best it can be. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Rebecca, I strongly… Continue reading Tyler Flynn, thriller author

Tyler Flynn, thriller author

I enjoyed working with Rebecca, very much. She is very detailed. She gave me a lot to think about and allowed me to see things that I had missed. If you want to make your novel the best it can be, then I would strongly recommend her. I would not hesitate to have her edit… Continue reading John Parrish, action thriller author

John Parrish, action thriller author

Rebecca’s work is incredibly respectful and constructive. I was terribly worried that any editing service would take away my voice from my books but Rebecca [did] excellent work improving the manuscript whilst protecting my writing style. Her comments are clear and empowering. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Alexandra Luz, author

This was my first experience [with] having an editor look at my work. I couldn’t have chosen a better introduction than working with Rebecca. Her active communication, engagement and enthusiasm for my project were exemplary. Above all the quality of her work was excellent, giving me plenty of insightful, challenging and most importantly actionable feedback… Continue reading JC McRae, author

JC McRae, author

I was so happy with the insights and corrections Rebecca provided as a line edit for the first three chapters of my novel, that I am [planning to hire] her to complete an editorial assessment for the full novel. Her comments were clear and on-point!

Scott Burdick, author and screenwriter

Ms. Millar is not only consummately professional, her friendly consideration and approach offers excellent guidance and encouragement. As my writing/publishing needs grow, she will be first on my list for consultation.

RD Hathaway, adventure thriller author

Working with Rebecca has been an absolute pleasure. She stays in contact, exudes enthusiasm, and has provided an insightful and detailed assessment of my manuscript — with pages of suggestions that I continue to work through as I edit my work. I would highly recommend her services.

Jo Dixon, psychological/domestic thriller author

It’s my first time publishing a book, and I couldn’t have picked a better editor. Rebecca has been very good at communicating things that need changing. She speaks professionally; very encouraging and supportive. She’s thorough, and she delivers ahead of time. I highly recommend Rebecca, and I hope to work with her again in the… Continue reading Ace Campillo, author

Ace Campillo, author

I’d hit a wall with my first manuscript. I knew it needed work but as a writer who hadn’t ever written a full manuscript before, I didn’t know what, or how, to make improvements. When I received Rebecca’s editorial assessment, I had the clarification I’d been seeking! Her report was comprehensive, clear and spot-on, highlighting… Continue reading Alyssa Mackay, psychological thriller author

Alyssa Mackay, psychological thriller author

Rebecca provided an excellent copy edit. Her feedback was very insightful, allowing me to strengthen my novel. She maintained great communication, answered all questions that I had, and she even delivered ahead of schedule. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Thriller Author

Rebecca’s attention to detail really impressed me. From my clumsy mistakes to big issues of style, she engaged with them all and helped me get my query letter package ready for submission. I’ll be back with the next novel …

JD Murphy, crime author

My most important requirement when finding an editor, was to find someone who understands writers who lack confidence. Rebecca put me at ease every step of the way. I will always recommend her, and would happily work with her again.

Terri Lauri, historical crime author

Rebecca did a wonderful job on the edit of my novella, PLAYOUT. From the moment I read her sample edit I knew she understood both me as a writer and the nuances of my characters. One of the aspects I like the most about Rebecca’s work is that she provides fair and positive feedback that… Continue reading Mark Mannock, action/thriller author

Mark Mannock, action/thriller author

Rebecca has been an incredible partner! Highly recommended.

Rolly Bastard, thriller author

Rebecca was a dream to work with. Friendly and professional, she was also communicative and flexible with my changing project needs. I highly value the services she offered and her editorial feedback went beyond what I expected. Will definitely work with her again.

Elena Kaufman, thriller author

Great job! Exceeded expectations! Gave me actionable advice not only for this manuscript but also as a template when I am working on future rough drafts. She clearly spelled everything out during our entire engagement.

John Hoda, detective fiction author

We originally sought out Rebecca because out of all of the editors […] who offered Query Letter Reviews she had the most experience with the suspense/thriller genre, and from the beginning she was enthusiastic, professional, and incredibly helpful in getting our submission package in its best shape. The accompanying line edit was also comprehensive, including… Continue reading Jennifer and Jessica Slee, CWA Debut Dagger Award long listed authors

Jennifer and Jessica Slee, CWA Debut Dagger Award long listed authors

Rebecca provided a very professional, clear and friendly service, with razor sharp insights to help develop my novel. In particular her input regarding structure and methods to develop the emotional connection between reader and protagonist have been invaluable, not only for this manuscript, but for future work. I would highly recommend.

Brid Cummings, suspense author

It was a pleasure working with Rebecca. Not only did she keep me informed on her progress with the manuscript, she did a great job of pushing me further with the story. I saw things in a way I hadn’t before and was able to add more subtext and nuance to the story which made… Continue reading Glede Kabongo, domestic suspense author

Glede Kabongo, domestic suspense author

It was a real pleasure working with Rebecca. She was able to tailor her services to meet what I needed and what would fit within my budget. She was always clear and quick to communicate and professional in her approach. The final report showed the skills of a careful and discerning reader/editor and many of… Continue reading Lucy BH, espionage thriller author

Lucy BH, espionage thriller author

What can I say about Rebecca’s skills? Undoubtedly the best in the business. Rebecca’s close attention to detail, her command of the English language and understanding of the crime genre puts her head and shoulders above the rest. I worked with Rebecca on my book The Web They Wove, and I found her comments to… Continue reading Catherine Yaffe, psychological thriller author

Catherine Yaffe, psychological thriller author

Rebecca edited my first-in-series crime novel and did an exceptional job. Her comments made me dig deeper into my main character’s motivations and bring the noir elements of the story to the surface. Her approach ensured that the end product would satisfy readers of the genre. It was a great experience, and I’d be delighted… Continue reading Brona Nilsson

Brona Nilsson

Working with Rebecca has been an amazing experience. She takes the time to really understand the manuscript and provides highly detailed and highly useful feedback.

Erik Meyers, cosy crime author

When I invited collaborations, I had several very good offers but Rebecca was the only one who asked me some questions first, about how long I had been working on the manuscript and what stage I felt I had reached. This is why I decided to go with her, as she seemed to be thinking… Continue reading Edward Kellett, espionage thriller author.

Edward Kellett, espionage thriller author.

Excellent service […] Rebecca put my anxieties at ease from the very beginning. Can’t thank you enough, Rebecca.

Police procedural author

I’ve never written a novel before … so all I can say is Rebecca is absolutely fantastic. How she grasps and remembers details in your story to ensure consistency is execptional. But that’s not the impressive part. It’s the way she gets you to push your writing style, that every action has a cause and… Continue reading Ian Bates, crime author

Ian Bates, crime author

It was wonderful working with Rebecca. I highly recommend her services. I used her for a developmental and copy edit. She helped me figure out the right services based on my needs as a new author. I’m extremely pleased with her communication and her professionalism. She is excellent at what she does. She saw things… Continue reading Jamie L Fry, psychological thriller author

Jamie L Fry, psychological thriller author

I brought Rebecca in for a developmental and copy/line edit when I’d hit a wall and just couldn’t get that extra “zing” I was looking for. With her sharp eye and expertise, she was part book coach, part weaver of magic. Forcing me to always go deeper, she made my story so much more nuanced… Continue reading Karen Dodd, mystery/suspense author

Karen Dodd, mystery/suspense author

I cannot leave high enough praise for Rebecca. I began working with her in November 2020 for a developmental report and edit. When I received the finished product, I was shocked at the amount of work she had done. Her insights into my manuscript were in-depth and invaluable. She is a true professional who delivers… Continue reading Kelli Rueth, thriller author.

Kelli Rueth, thriller author.

Rebecca is a brilliant editor – smart and intuitive with excellent attention to detail. She is reliable, a good communicator and a pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend working with her.

Emily Griffin, Publishing Director, Century and Arrow Publishing

The editorial service provided by Rebecca was exceptional. I knew my manuscript needed some work but was struggling to take my writing to the next level. Rebecca’s insights were absolutely spot on and have pushed my story and craft on by several levels. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

A J Wills, psychological thriller author

I worked with Rebecca on the novel Angel Maker, and was drawn to her due to her experience with the genre, as well as her immediate enthusiasm for the project! It’s always great to work with someone that you feel, as a writer, is passionate about both their work, and the book they’re working on.… Continue reading Morgan Greene, crime fiction author

Morgan Greene, crime fiction author

As a professional writer in Hollywood with thirty years of major motion pictures and network television series under my belt, I have worked with countless creative editors of my work of every level of experience and capability. Rebecca ranks in the top 1% of all of them.  Rebecca takes an immediate personal attachment to the… Continue reading Michael Frost Beckner – espionage thriller author and screenwriter of ‘Spy Game’, starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford

Michael Frost Beckner – espionage thriller author and screenwriter of ‘Spy Game’, starring Brad Pitt and Robert Redford

Rebecca did an amazing job with my first novel and helped it sound and feel so much better. She provides good suggestions that add more depth to a scene through a few words or a sentence that I hadn’t even considered. Hoping to work with her again on the rest of the books in my… Continue reading Jeff Smith, crime fiction author

Jeff Smith, crime fiction author

Rebecca was recommended to me by a fellow author, and I haven’t been disappointed. Her edits are detailed and insightful and have made my books so much better than they were originally. Rebecca is conscientious, and all deadlines are met. Rebecca is always there to discuss and brainstorm any issues which come up and her… Continue reading Sally Rigby, author of the Cavendish and Walker, and PI Sebastian Clifford series

Sally Rigby, author of the Cavendish and Walker, and PI Sebastian Clifford series

Rebecca Millar Editorial was incredibly helpful in developing my latest novel, pointing out gaping holes in my plot logic which would have never occurred to me. More importantly, she made me a better writer, gently improving my style with her edits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca – she’s fab.

Tim Adler, psychological thriller author of OVER MY DEAD BODY

Rebecca did an amazing edit on my first novel. She offered insightful, detailed and valuable feedback that took my story to the next level. The edit helped me develop my characters, plot, and structure. Rebecca opened my eyes to issues I did not pick up on myself. Her knowledge and expertise in crime, suspense, mystery,… Continue reading Psychological thriller author

Psychological thriller author

Rebecca is a wonderful editor and has been instrumental in my writing process as a novice novelist. She guided me sensitively and incrementally to better understand my characters and situations, as well as helping me to develop a more engaging writing style. I’ve benefitted greatly from her suggestions and insights, and her feedback was always… Continue reading Helen Ernst, mystery/suspense author

Helen Ernst, mystery/suspense author

Excellent from start to finish. Rebecca didn’t simply edit my manuscript, but remained a valuable participant when the time came to implement the changes noted. Always on hand. 100% would recommend.

Crime author

I wasn’t convinced I needed Rebecca at first [but] not only did she help me craft the book proposal, her edits of the first three chapters of the manuscript were eye-opening. She uncovered a whole raft of opportunities to sharpen the manuscript and made a material improvement on the story. Her comments were thoughtful, sensitive,… Continue reading AJ Frazer, thriller author

AJ Frazer, thriller author

Rebecca’s edits and suggestions were spot-on – she caught the areas I already suspected were weak, and a whole lot more, especially inconsistencies in characters. She knows the business, understands what can be left unsaid, and what has to be overtly exposed. I recommend her without reservation, and hope she’s available for my next book!

Joshua Green, espionage thriller author

Rebecca’s work on my novel was fantastic. She challenged me to push and improve my book’s narrative and characters, as well as my writing in general. She is encouraging and supportive, and her notes and ideas were insightful, clear and well-judged. I can’t recommend her highly enough and hope to work with her in the… Continue reading Simon McCleave, bestselling crime author of DI Ruth Hunter series

Simon McCleave, bestselling crime author of DI Ruth Hunter series