Excellent service […] Rebecca put my anxieties at ease from the very beginning. Can’t thank you enough, Rebecca.

Police procedural author

When I invited collaborations, I had several very good offers but Rebecca was the only one who asked me some questions first, about how long I had been working on the manuscript and what stage I felt I had reached. This is why I decided to go with her, as she seemed to be thinking more widely about the whole project and what type of edit would be best for me. Our communications were very straightforward, I was kept up to date the whole time and the final report was delivered a little ahead of schedule.  

There was plenty of detailed feedback, some of which I agreed with, some I didn’t, but then that is the point of getting a second opinion – it enables you to look at your work from someone else’s perspective, and to ask yourself questions about how it holds up. I would certainly recommend Rebecca to anyone else who is looking to take a step forward with their work.

Edward Kellett, espionage thriller author.

Working with Rebecca has been an amazing experience. She takes the time to really understand the manuscript and provides highly detailed and highly useful feedback.

Erik Meyers, cosy crime author

Rebecca edited my first-in-series crime novel and did an exceptional job. Her comments made me dig deeper into my main character’s motivations and bring the noir elements of the story to the surface. Her approach ensured that the end product would satisfy readers of the genre. It was a great experience, and I’d be delighted to work with her on future projects

Brona Nilsson

What can I say about Rebecca’s skills? Undoubtedly the best in the business. Rebecca’s close attention to detail, her command of the English language and understanding of the crime genre puts her head and shoulders above the rest. I worked with Rebecca on my book The Web They Wove, and I found her comments to be constructive and I know they will only make the book better for her input. Thank you, Rebecca, for being an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope this is the first collaboration of many.

Catherine Yaffe, psychological thriller author

It was a real pleasure working with Rebecca. She was able to tailor her services to meet what I needed and what would fit within my budget. She was always clear and quick to communicate and professional in her approach. The final report showed the skills of a careful and discerning reader/editor and many of her thoughtful and well-articulated comments rang very true. She was prompt to answer my follow-on questions and I feel confident now that I know what direction I need to take to help develop my manuscript to the next level. Thank you Rebecca.

Lucy BH, espionage thriller author

It was a pleasure working with Rebecca. Not only did she keep me informed on her progress with the manuscript, she did a great job of pushing me further with the story. I saw things in a way I hadn’t before and was able to add more subtext and nuance to the story which made it stronger.

Glede Kabongo, domestic suspense author

Rebecca’s edits and suggestions were spot-on – she caught the areas I already suspected were weak, and a whole lot more, especially inconsistencies in characters. She knows the business, understands what can be left unsaid, and what has to be overtly exposed. I recommend her without reservation, and hope she’s available for my next book!

Joshua Green, espionage thriller author

Rebecca provided a very professional, clear and friendly service, with razor sharp insights to help develop my novel. In particular her input regarding structure and methods to develop the emotional connection between reader and protagonist have been invaluable, not only for this manuscript, but for future work. I would highly recommend.

Brid Cummings, suspense author

We originally sought out Rebecca because out of all of the editors […] who offered Query Letter Reviews she had the most experience with the suspense/thriller genre, and from the beginning she was enthusiastic, professional, and incredibly helpful in getting our submission package in its best shape. The accompanying line edit was also comprehensive, including so many suggestions we were able to utilize to improve and strengthen our manuscript. We feel so fortunate we got to work with Rebecca, would highly recommend her, and we absolutely would work with her again if we need an editor on a future project.

Jennifer and Jessica Slee, CWA Debut Dagger Award long listed authors

Great job! Exceeded expectations! Gave me actionable advice not only for this manuscript but also as a template when I am working on future rough drafts. She clearly spelled everything out during our entire engagement.

John Hoda, detective fiction author

Rebecca was a dream to work with. Friendly and professional, she was also communicative and flexible with my changing project needs. I highly value the services she offered and her editorial feedback went beyond what I expected. Will definitely work with her again.

Elena Kaufman, thriller author

Rebecca has been an incredible partner! Highly recommended.

Rolly Bastard, thriller author

Rebecca did a wonderful job on the edit of my novella, PLAYOUT. From the moment I read her sample edit I knew she understood both me as a writer and the nuances of my characters. One of the aspects I like the most about Rebecca’s work is that she provides fair and positive feedback that allows me to develop my own style rather than a ‘one style fits all’ situation. 

I highly recommend her work, in fact, I’ve already booked Rebecca for my next book later this year.

Mark Mannock, action/thriller author

My most important requirement when finding an editor, was to find someone who understands writers who lack confidence. Rebecca put me at ease every step of the way. I will always recommend her, and would happily work with her again.

Terri Lauri, historical crime author