I cannot leave high enough praise for Rebecca. I began working with her in November 2020 for a developmental report and edit. When I received the finished product, I was shocked at the amount of work she had done. Her insights into my manuscript were in-depth and invaluable. She is a true professional who delivers a thorough, quality product in a timely manner. My work is so much better for her input. Initially, I was concerned that our small differences in culture (I am in the U.S., she is in the U.K.), might prove to be a challenge when editing my work. She assured me that she had edited manuscripts from authors all over the world. My concerns were really no concern at all. She was right, and in fact, her viewpoints provided clarity into issues of culture that I had not realized I was being insensitive. Rebecca is a gem.

Kelli Rueth, thriller author.

I brought Rebecca in for a developmental and copy/line edit when I’d hit a wall and just couldn’t get that extra “zing” I was looking for. With her sharp eye and expertise, she was part book coach, part weaver of magic. Forcing me to always go deeper, she made my story so much more nuanced and intriguing. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Karen Dodd, mystery/suspense author

It was wonderful working with Rebecca. I highly recommend her services. I used her for a developmental and copy edit. She helped me figure out the right services based on my needs as a new author. I’m extremely pleased with her communication and her professionalism. She is excellent at what she does. She saw things I didn’t see and pushed me to work my manuscript harder. I learned a lot from Rebecca and would use her again with my next novel.

Jamie L Fry, psychological thriller author

Rebecca’s work on my novel was fantastic. She challenged me to push and improve my book’s narrative and characters, as well as my writing in general. She is encouraging and supportive, and her notes and ideas were insightful, clear and well-judged. I can’t recommend her highly enough and hope to work with her in the future.

Simon McCleave, bestselling crime author of DI Ruth Hunter series

Excellent service […] Rebecca put my anxieties at ease from the very beginning. Can’t thank you enough, Rebecca.

Police procedural author

Working with Rebecca has been an amazing experience. She takes the time to really understand the manuscript and provides highly detailed and highly useful feedback.

Erik Meyers, cosy crime author

Rebecca edited my first-in-series crime novel and did an exceptional job. Her comments made me dig deeper into my main character’s motivations and bring the noir elements of the story to the surface. Her approach ensured that the end product would satisfy readers of the genre. It was a great experience, and I’d be delighted to work with her on future projects

Brona Nilsson

The editorial service provided by Rebecca was exceptional. I knew my manuscript needed some work but was struggling to take my writing to the next level. Rebecca’s insights were absolutely spot on and have pushed my story and craft on by several levels. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

A J Wills, psychological thriller author

I worked with Rebecca on the novel Angel Maker, and was drawn to her due to her experience with the genre, as well as her immediate enthusiasm for the project! It’s always great to work with someone that you feel, as a writer, is passionate about both their work, and the book they’re working on. With Rebecca, things felt easy. Sometimes, when working with an editor, your opinions and views clash, and though I have my own ideas, it’s easy to defer to more seasoned judgement when it comes through so soundly.


Morgan Greene, crime fiction author

What can I say about Rebecca’s skills? Undoubtedly the best in the business. Rebecca’s close attention to detail, her command of the English language and understanding of the crime genre puts her head and shoulders above the rest. I worked with Rebecca on my book The Web They Wove, and I found her comments to be constructive and I know they will only make the book better for her input. Thank you, Rebecca, for being an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope this is the first collaboration of many.

Catherine Yaffe, psychological thriller author

It was a real pleasure working with Rebecca. She was able to tailor her services to meet what I needed and what would fit within my budget. She was always clear and quick to communicate and professional in her approach. The final report showed the skills of a careful and discerning reader/editor and many of her thoughtful and well-articulated comments rang very true. She was prompt to answer my follow-on questions and I feel confident now that I know what direction I need to take to help develop my manuscript to the next level. Thank you Rebecca.

Lucy BH, espionage thriller author

It was a pleasure working with Rebecca. Not only did she keep me informed on her progress with the manuscript, she did a great job of pushing me further with the story. I saw things in a way I hadn’t before and was able to add more subtext and nuance to the story which made it stronger.

Glede Kabongo, domestic suspense author

Rebecca’s edits and suggestions were spot-on – she caught the areas I already suspected were weak, and a whole lot more, especially inconsistencies in characters. She knows the business, understands what can be left unsaid, and what has to be overtly exposed. I recommend her without reservation, and hope she’s available for my next book!

Joshua Green, espionage thriller author

Rebecca provided a very professional, clear and friendly service, with razor sharp insights to help develop my novel. In particular her input regarding structure and methods to develop the emotional connection between reader and protagonist have been invaluable, not only for this manuscript, but for future work. I would highly recommend.

Brid Cummings, suspense author

Rebecca is a brilliant editor – smart and intuitive with excellent attention to detail. She is reliable, a good communicator and a pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend working with her.

Emily Griffin, Publishing Director, Century and Arrow Publishing