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Coffee with Colleagues: How to get your policing facts right without compromising your story.

One of the best parts of working in book publishing is that some of the most gifted, talented, fun and just generally great people form the majority of the workforce. We are all united by the love of the written word, but each person has such a wide variety of skills and knowledge that even if you’ve worked with someone for years, they’ll still surprise you with a little nugget of wisdom when you least expect it.

However, now that the whole world has effectively moved to working from home, I thought it would be lovely to reach out to the publishing community and get to know some of my colleagues in the industry a little more – albeit over a Zoom chat, rather than the lunches and coffees that publishing professionals are known for.

I specialise in crime fiction, thriller and suspense, revelling in a shocking twist and gripping mysteries and narratives. However, although I can help you with suspense, your plotting, character development, and keeping your reader hooked, when working on a police procedural novel, sometimes I need to call on help for the more technical matters. Because if there is one thing that we know about crime-fiction readers is that they’ll pick up on where you haven’t got your facts right. Which is why I’m delighted to welcome Crime Fiction Advisor Graham Bartlett to my virtual couch to chat all about things police procedure, and how to get the technical side right, whilst still maintaining a great story.

Get Your Facts Right: Police Procedure in Crime Fiction
with Graham Bartlett, Crime Fiction Advisor

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Book Review

Book Review: RULES FOR MURDER by Peter Swanson – a crime-fiction lover’s dream!

One of the benefits of lockdown has meant that on my days off, I have actually had a chance to read. Before, me and the boyfriend would head off somewhere to make the most of our time in Australia, but arriving back home just in time for a pandemic has freed up the diary somewhat.

The latest in my library has been EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS (or RULES FOR MURDER in the UK) by Peter Swanson.

What’s not to love for the crime and mystery book editor reading a crime and mystery thriller about a crime and mystery bookseller? The premise is clever and this twists unexpected. It’s compelling reading with a narrator that so draws you in that you can’t help but turn the page. Dark, literary and genius.

My only bugbear is that the narrator does give away the plots and twists to some classic mystery novels – not all of which I have got round to reading. You have been warned. But I guess it just tells me I have homework to do.

I’ll definitely be looking for more from this author and would recommend to my crime-fiction-loving pals and authors! Plus (at the time of writing) it’s 99p on UK Kindle!

Thank you to the publisher and author for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.