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Shop Small Christmas Gift Guide: Alternative Black Friday, Cyber Monday and festive gift ideas for writers and bookworms

Today is Black Friday, which means there are bargains galore in the shops (where you can actually visit them – thanks, Lockdown) and online. I don’t disagree with Black Friday, but it’s something that many small businesses simply can’t compete with (this one included!)

This year has been tough for everyone, so those bargains are going to look extra appealing this time around, but please do spare a thought to the small businesses that really need your help this year too. The shops that have had to close their doors, the pubs and restaurants that have been unable to welcome customers at their busiest time of year.

So if you’re partaking of the bargains this year, if you can spare even a little bit of the money you’ve saved on a steal of a deal, please consider making a purchase – no matter how little – from a small business as well as we prepare for the festive season, because when you shop small this Christmas, somewhere a real person will be doing a grateful happy dance.

Below are some of my favourite small businesses who are offering some fabulous gift ideas this year – the perfect present for the writer in your life.

A Wine&Crime Evening with The Crime Lab

Perfect for crime writers who need a head start on their research.

A set of postcards with gold-foil pen design

Jot down your notes in style with this gorgeous set by Pretty Post.

Motivational pencils for scribbling ideas

Keep handy for when inspiration strikes!

Books Books and more books

Whether inspirational or instructional, you can never go wrong. But be sure to help out the indie bookshops this year by shopping via Bookshop.org

Get their manuscript checked by a real police officer

If you’re writing a novel with any elements of policing in, Graham Bartlett is the man to help you get those all important details right without compromising your story.

A notebook to start that writing journey.

You have got to start somewhere…

And editing vouchers…

To help them make their manuscript the best it can be!

Find out more about gift vouchers here.

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Gift Vouchers Now Available!

I think, it’s safe to say that 2020 has been quite a year! So, although normally I am one to reserve my festive frivolity until December, this time around, I think we could all do with a little more cheer a little earlier this year. Which is why I’m happy to announce that this year I’m offering gift vouchers – the perfect gift for the writer in your life!

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