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Publication Day: Author Q&A: Rolly Bastard – KILL IT ALL AWAY

For an author, there is nothing that quite beats the thrill of the publication of their first book. And today is that lucky day for Rolly Bastard and his debut Kill it All Away.

I worked with Rolly throughout the editing process and it was certainly lively! A thriller with twists and turns at every chapter, this is a novel that’s hard to put down. No matter how much you try, it’s almost impossible not to be lured in by Rolly’s charistamtic – albeit not always diplomatic – narration, and the shocking and entertaining story that he has to tell.

Rolly, welcome! Thank you for joining us here today. KILL IT ALL AWAY is your debut novel, isn’t it? Tell us a little more about it. 

This book is a thriller at its core, with murder, mystery, and twists, but also an examination of one man’s attempt to put his life back together, especially the relationship with his twenty-year-old daughter. And I know that description doesn’t sound like it, but there is also a lot of humour – dark humour – but humour all the same. 

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42438496I’m going to start by saying that quite simply Brandy Scott is one to watch. This is a smacker of a debut, with a fabulous cast of characters and a rollercoaster plot line that keeps you guessing until the end.

Meet three friends: Melina, Aimee and Lou. They have known each other since forever, but how well do they really know each other, and how do the repercussions of one decision test the very core of their friendship.

Brandy Scott has created a wonderful world in Not Bad People, a seemingly perfect tight-knit community but it doesn’t take long the cracks forms and erupt as one accident shocks everyone. Discussing themes of parenthood, friendship and the balancing act of modern life all within a plot line that twists and turns at every level, this is definitely a novel to pick up now. It leads you, secrets and lies hiding just out of view, but keep going – even when the tension slightly drops just before the end – as you race towards a conclusion that leaves you gasping. All I can say is this is a goodie.