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Coffee with Colleagues: Should I record an audiobook of my novel?

One of the best parts of working in book publishing is that some of the most gifted, talented, fun and just generally great people form the majority of the workforce. We are all united by the love of the written word, but each person has such a wide variety of skills and knowledge that even if you’ve worked with someone for years, they’ll still surprise you with a little nugget of wisdom when you least expect it.

However, now that the whole world has effectively moved to working from home, I thought it would be lovely to reach out to the publishing community and get to know some of my colleagues in the industry a little more – albeit over a Zoom chat, rather than the lunches and coffees that publishing professionals are known for.

For today’s chat, I decided to venture into the realm of something a little different and record our interview as a video – can’t have an audiobook interview without audio?! – so check out the video below to hear myself in conversation with Elliott Frisby of Monkeynut Audiobooks and Sound discussing the the tips and tricks you need to know if you’re considering producing an audio version of your book.

How to Publish an Audiobook
with Elliott Frisby, Monkeynut Audiobooks and Sound

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