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Being an indie author is hard work. In the traditional publishing model, the life journey of a book is handled by tens if not hundreds of people, whereas as a self-publishing author, you have to wear many hats: author, editor, designer, marketer, publicist, printer, production coordinator, salesperson, distributor, bookseller… The publication of your book means so more much to you, as you’ve worked so hard to create it. And so, with such passion behind your writing, you want to ensure that you give it the best possible shot in the market, to do justice to all your efforts.

However, as the author, although your expertise is in the manuscript, the story itself, the other key elements of publishing – promotion, marketing, design, distribution, etc – may be totally alien to you. So, it’s great to know that you have a team around you who you can trust to do the best job they can to provide the top-quality service that your book deserves.

I know, that with so many service providers out there, it’s hard to know who to go with. So, below I’ve recommended my favourite indie publishing services not only because they are great people, but also because they all share my ethos of doing what’s genuinely best for your and you as the author.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step on your publishing journey and need a helping hand, then these friendly faces below are ready to assist.

Graham Bartlett, Crime Fiction Advisor

Crime Fiction Police Advisor

If you’re looking to ensure your crime fiction is full of authentic plots, police officers and scenes to make your narrative sizzle and keep critics from your door? Look no further than Graham Bartlett and his team!

Graham was a UK police officer in Sussex for thirty years, rising to become its police commander. Since retiring, he has become a police procedural and crime advisor helping scores of authors and TV writers (including Peter James  Mark Billingham  Elly Griffiths and Dorothy Koomson)  achieve authenticity alongside their drama. He works flexibly with authors at all stages of their writing career and adopts an ethos of ‘creativity with credibility.’ Graham runs a series of hugely popular online courses and workshops under the banner of ‘Crime Writing: Making it Real. He is also a best-selling crime writer, with two non-fiction books – Death Comes Knocking and Babes in the Wood – to his name and a crime novel in the pipeline. 

To find out more, get in touch with Graham and check out our exclusive interview on the blog. (COMING SOON)

Elliott Frisby, Monkeynut Audiobooks and Sound

Audiobook Publisher and Producer

With audiobooks being the one of the fastest growing sections of the book market, you’d be mad not to consider publishing an audio version of your book, and Monkeynut Audiobooks are here to answer all your audio questions.

Elliott Frisby has worked in the music and audio industry for over twenty years, working with the likes of Dame Shirley Bassie and Robin Gibb, and is recognised as a one of the top audiobook producers in the UK, working with world-leading publishers such as HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Bonnier and Lion Hudson (most recently completing post-production for England Football Manager Gareth Southgate’s Anything is Possible), as well as upcoming and established authors and scriptwriters to produce audiobooks for professional release.

Renowned for their exceptionally high standards, Monkeynut Audiobooks create audio that keeps people listening, and Elliott’s wealth of expertise and knowledge has helped many authors and artist reach their audio potential. Elliott can help you complete the book, find genre-specific quality narrators, record and produce the sound, edit each page, and publish across all the major platforms including Audible and iTunes.

To find out more, get in touch with Elliott and check out our exclusive interview on the blog.

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