Finding the right editor for your project is incredibly important so my services are always bespoke, shaped to you and your project. I am always excited to talk through projects so that I can recommend the services that would best suit your needs, but I also offer a sample edit for all my services* so we can see how we can work together. 

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*(excluding Editorial Query Letter)

Developmental Edit

Also known as structural editing, a developmental edit does the heavy lifting in the editorial process. This is when author and editor look at the big picture of the manuscript, looking at areas such as plot, structure, characters, pace and flow. Does the narrative make sense? Are there any points where the tension drops? Is the tone appropriate? Do all the plot lines tie up? Does the argument hold up? The aim of a developmental edit is to help you shape your manuscript as a whole. Ultimately it asks, is this the best way to tell this story?

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Line Edit

Whereas a structural edit is a macro view of the manuscript, a line edit zooms in on the words on the page. I will work closely on the manuscript, looking at the language and how the narrative is communicated to the reader. I aim to preserve the author’s voice, whilst making the reading experience the most enjoyable it can be by spotting areas such as repeated phrases and ideas, clunky expression or unrealistic dialogue.

Want to find out more? A detailed blog post about the Line Edit is coming soon.

Copy Editing

Copy Editing is the process of making your manuscript ready for publication. A copy edit will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and usage. I will also take a look at very long sentences and the overuse of italics, bold, capitals, exclamation marks and above all, consistency and accuracy. 

All of the above edits take place on-screen using MS Word Track Changes and comments in Microsoft Word so that you can see what changes have been suggested.

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The final editorial stage in the book production process before the book goes to print or is converted to ebook is the proofread. This is a chance to catch any errors that might have been introduced at the typesetting stage. It usually looks at how the page has been laid out, catching setting errors, but also catches any last-minute typos or errors that may have escaped a copy edit.  Proofreading can take place both on screen and on hard copy but usually takes place on print-ready/ e-book-converted files.

Please note that a proofread is not a substitute for a thorough copy-edit.

Want to find out more? A detailed blog post about the Proofread is coming soon.

Also available:

Editorial Assessment

You’ve got some words down on the page and written your first draft. First, congratulations! If you feel ready to seek some external advice and critique on your manuscript, an editorial assessment might just be for you. I will look at your manuscript and provide in-depth feedback that will help you shape your manuscript, giving you an idea of what your book’s strengths and weaknesses are, areas that might need attention or things that you’ve done really well. Using this information, I will provide you with a report that will help you focus your revisions of your manuscript in the quest to make it the best it can be.

The editorial assessment is available for both partial and full manuscripts.

Want to find out more? A detailed blog post about the Editorial Assessment is coming soon.

Query Letter Review

Your manuscript is ready and it’s time to send it out into the world. But what next?

If you are deciding to follow the traditional publishing route and are looking for representation by a literary agent, how do you make your submission stand out from the crowd? The query letter review package may be able to help.

With the query letter review, the aim is to help you put together the best possible submission package. I will assess your introduction letter, synopsis and the first three chapters, guiding you so that they in the best possible condition so that you can then go on to submit to agents and publishers.

Please note that this is a review of existing content. I do not write your submission for you.

Want to find out more? A detailed blog post about the Query Letter Review is coming soon.

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