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The Selfies Book Awards 2023 – A J Wills shortlisted!

A J Wills has been shortlisted for the Selfies Awards 2023

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited to share that A J Wills, one of my fabulously talented authors, has been shortlisted for The Selfies Book Awards 2023!

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Podcast: In Conversation with Hobeck Books

Last week, I was delighted to be invited by Hobeck Books – an indie crime publisher that I love – on to their weekly books podcast, Hobcast. It was an amazing experience to talk about all things publishing and editing, how I got started, my approach to editing as well as advice for aspiring authors on how to deliver their best work.

I’m so excited to share that the episode is now live, and you can listen below, or wherever you listen to your podcasts, including Spotify.

Thank you to Adrian and Rebecca for having me on the show!

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Small Business Saturday – Support Indie Authors!

If you’d like to support an indie author this Small Business Saturday, check out the recommendations below!

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Small Business Saturday: Festive gift ideas for writers and bookworms

All across the country, the cost-of-living crisis is hitting people hard, therefore, I appreciate that many people will be thinking twice this gifting season. And if you’ve purchased all your presents on the compelling Black Friday deals, I don’t blame you. However, most small businesses can’t compete with the level of discounts offered by the big companies on the Black Friday weekend, and so it’s likely to be a tough year for us indies out there, many of whom are still riding the wave of impact from the Covid shutdowns. 

But even if you can’t justify buying small this year, you can still support a small business or indie author this Small Business Saturday in other ways that won’t cost you a penny. 

See some of the suggestions above, but so even if you can’t afford to purchase small this year, engaging on social media, and more importantly sharing positive reviews when you’ve really loved someone’s work, makes all the difference. 

So if you partook of the bargains this year, and can spare even a little bit of the money you’ve saved on a steal of a deal, please consider making a purchase – no matter how little – from a small business or indie author as well as we prepare for the festive season, because when you shop small this Christmas, somewhere a real person will be doing a grateful happy dance!

Here’s a list of my favourite small businesses who are offering some fabulous gift ideas this year – the perfect present for the writer in your life.

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Publication Day! Author Q&A: THE LIARS’ CLUB by Jamie Lee Fry

Jamie Lee Fry’s latest novel The Liars’ Club
is out today.

🥳📚Happy Publication Day to The Liars’ Club, the latest psychological thriller by Jamie Lee Fry.

Jamie and I first worked together on her debut psychological thriller, The Pretty Ones, back in 2021, and it was an utter pleasure to work with such a talented author on so strong a manuscript. Therefore, when Jamie got in touch to say that she was almost finished her next novel, I couldn’t wait to jump on board.

It’s often said that although writing your first book is hard, the second one is the hardest. Of course, you’re a more experienced writer, but with that experience comes expectation and the pressure that goes with it. But with The Liars’ Club, Jamie Lee Fry has taken on the second-book challenge and delivered a gripping story with aplumb.

For fans of Spiderhead, Station Eleven, and The Circle, you won’t want to miss this twisting psychological thriller.

The Liars’ Club by Jamie Lee Fry


Max Jennings is broken and damaged.
He’s built a new life to protect himself.
Then Max meets the charismatic and handsome Ben Matthews, who offers him a life-changing experience; a club that will fix him.
And Max can’t help but be intrigued.
But soon, Max realizes this club comes at a high price.
And the premiums are murder.

Available now in ebook and paperback!

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Author Q&A: MUIR’S GAMBIT and the Spy Game Trilogy by Michael Frost Beckner

Michael Beckner’s MUIR’S GAMBIT
is out now.

When I worked at Penguin Random House, I was privileged to meet some pretty cool people, but never did I actually brush with Hollywood!

That was until Hollywood scriptwriter Michael Frost Beckner, most famous for his film Spy Game, starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, emailed me about his latest project! Having been savvy enough to retain the novelisation rights to the blockbuster hit, he wanted me to work with him on his project of publishing the Spy Game story in book form as he expanded the world of Nathan Muir and Tom Bishop. The result, a set of riveting and compelling espionage thrillers that will have you gripped!

Out now all three books in the trilogy, the first being Muir’s Gambit, are perfect for the espionage reader (or film buff) in your life! And I’m excited to say that Michael took time out of his busy publishing schedule to sit down and chat about his new project the challenge of taking the big screen down to the written page.

Scroll down to read an exclusive interview with below!

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Publication Day! Author Q&A: ALL IN by Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith’s debut novel ALL IN
is out today.

🥳📚Happy Publication Day to ALL IN, the debut crime novel by Jeff Smith.

When Jeff first approached me, I knew I had to work on his manuscript when he told me he was a crime scene investigator based in Las Vegas. One of the reasons that I work in crime, suspense and thriller fiction is because, as children, my sister and I were essentially brought up on crime television programmes, whether that be Midsummer Murders, Poirot, Jonathon Creek, but every Saturday night at 9pm was the holy grail: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Of course, there were the spin-offs, but none were as compelling as the original series set in Las Vegas. Its The Who soundtrack brings back so many memories!

Anyway, when Jeff, Grissom-like in his wisdom, approached me, saying he’d written a novel using his CSI knowledge, I just had to be involved. And his main character, Kailyn Logan, an embalmer by trade, is a sassy and strong-willed lead with far too in-depth a knowledge of how long a body takes to rot! With characters that intrigue and plots that grip, this a new series that you just have to dive into!

Jeff was brave enough to offer his time to answer some burning questions about making the leap from CSI to published author, so scroll down to read an exclusive interview with the author!

ALL IN by Jeff Smith

Kailyn Logan is an embalmer who spends her days preparing the dead for the last leg of their journey through this world. Even though she loves her job, she’s become disgruntled with it. But she’s about to discover that caring for the departed is simpler than wrestling with the living.

Seeing an opportunity for something different when a long-time friend makes a chilling request for her help, she starts down a path that turns out to be very different from what she was expecting.

Helping her friend exposes Kailyn to a dangerous legion of men who would have no remorse for killing them if their business is compromised. Kailyn’s personal and work life are turned upside down as she tries to figure out who is on her side and who wants to kill her.

Available now in ebook and paperback!

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