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Small Business Saturday: Festive gift ideas for writers and bookworms

All across the country, the cost-of-living crisis is hitting people hard, therefore, I appreciate that many people will be thinking twice this gifting season. And if you’ve purchased all your presents on the compelling Black Friday deals, I don’t blame you. However, most small businesses can’t compete with the level of discounts offered by the big companies on the Black Friday weekend, and so it’s likely to be a tough year for us indies out there, many of whom are still riding the wave of impact from the Covid shutdowns. 

But even if you can’t justify buying small this year, you can still support a small business or indie author this Small Business Saturday in other ways that won’t cost you a penny. 

See some of the suggestions above, but so even if you can’t afford to purchase small this year, engaging on social media, and more importantly sharing positive reviews when you’ve really loved someone’s work, makes all the difference. 

So if you partook of the bargains this year, and can spare even a little bit of the money you’ve saved on a steal of a deal, please consider making a purchase – no matter how little – from a small business or indie author as well as we prepare for the festive season, because when you shop small this Christmas, somewhere a real person will be doing a grateful happy dance!

Here’s a list of my favourite small businesses who are offering some fabulous gift ideas this year – the perfect present for the writer in your life.

Editing vouchers!

Help your friend take the next step on their writing journey to make their manuscript the best it can be!

Find out more about gift vouchers here.

Tickets to the The Crime Lab‘s True Crime Immersive Festival 2023!

Perfect for crime writers who need a head start on their research.

£10-off Early bird tickets available until 30th November!

Books Books and more books

Whether inspirational or instructional, you can never go wrong. If you need some suggestions on how you can support indie authors this year, check out my recommendations.

Get their manuscript checked by a real police officer

If you’re writing a novel with any elements of policing in, Graham Bartlett is the man to help you get those all important details right without compromising your story.

A set of postcards with gold-foil pen design

Jot down your notes in style with this gorgeous set by Pretty Post.

Motivational pencils for scribbling ideas

Keep handy for when inspiration strikes!

A notebook to start that writing journey.

You have got to start somewhere…

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