Crime and Thriller Month: THREE PERFECT LIARS by Heidi Perks

What can I say but Heidi Perks has done it again. THREE PERFECT LIARS is yet another barn-storming psychological suspense. Set in the picture-perfect town of Lymington, on the surface, the novel appears to be twisted game of office politics but, oh, it is so much darker than that.

Ever the queen of psychological suspense, Perks has weaved a fascinating and gripping tale of female friendship, deception, loyalty and justice. The tension builds masterfully through the novel as the timeline counts down to the horrendous fire that opens the novel, interspersing “present-day” transcripts of police interviews after the fire with dramatic scenes as the characters and the readers piece together the events that led up to the tragic inferno.

What makes Perks’ novel so unputdownable is that they are written about emotions and feelings that readers are able to relate to, putting themselves in the same position as the characters and asking, What would I do? THREE PERFECT LIARS is another one of these, discussing issues such as harassment in the workplace, and the shame that some mums are made to feel once they return to work, but with a creative and tension-filled story arc that will have you turning every page. 


If you’re as big a fan of Heidi Perks as me, keep your eyes peeled for something very exciting coming to my blog very soon!

Thanks to the publisher and author who sent me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. #gifted

Out now in ebook and hardback.


When an office fire ends in murder, three women are first in line for questioning.

What is Laura trying to hide?
What is Mia trying to protect?
What would Janie risk for revenge?

They never thought it would come to this.
But nothing can be hidden forever…

Heidi Perks Three Perfect Liars book cover

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