Crime Fiction Reading Month – May 2020: Things are about to get darker…

It’s the first of May! The trees are blooming from blossom to leaf, the lambs are gambolling in the fields, and there has been a murder … or several, in fact! 
That’s right – it’s the CWA Crime Reading Month! So what better time to be hitting you up with all sorts of crime, suspense and thriller tips, tricks and inspiration to help you craft a criminally good novel.

I’ll be hosting a crime/suspense reads series on Instagram, highlight the fabulous crime and suspense writers I love and think you should check out too (#bloodygoodreads)! They’ll also be author Q&As, as well as hints and tips to help your writing craft! And my mailing list will be filled with crime-inspired writing prompts to help you get started – so don’t forget to sign up here if you haven’t already) (see below for a cheeky sneak peek too!) I might even throw in a giveaway if you’re lucky 😉

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

So my first recommendation is to check out the CWA’s Crime Writers in Residence series to see a behind-the-scenes interviews of our favourite crime writers!

If you know anyone who loves crime fiction or is a budding writer, please do share this via the usual channels. I can’t wait for it all to start

Watch this space and get writing! . . . .

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